Taylorsville Utah Restaurants That You Can Enjoy With Your Family

Taylorsville Utah Restaurants

There are still more restaurants to let you know about in Taylorsville UT before you visit the city. You discovered four good ones last time, and that is how many we are going to visit this time as well. That will give you plenty of places to eat once you arrive there. Let’s see what is up first on the list when it comes to top restaurants in Taylorsville.

Let’s start off with Bohemian Brewery and Grill. Technically, this restaurant is located in Midvale, despite it being listed on a top travel site as one of the best establishments in Taylorsville, Utah.Bohemian Brewery and Grill looks like a wide A-Frame log cabin, very nice, warm and inviting. And like many other restaurants in Utah, the buffalo burger is a favorite listed in the reviews. You can enjoy one of those burgers and some garlic fries, or you can pick from among other delicious menu items.

Fat Fish is another top Taylorsville restaurant, and it is on West 3500 South. Have you noticed that many of these smaller cities in Utah seem very rural when it comes to addresses and directions? Well, Utah is a very rural state in many regards, outside of big cities like Salt Lake, the state’s capital city. Fat Fish serves up spicy tuna, sushi and so much more.

Now let’s take a look at Apollo Burgers. This is a good example of a restaurant to mention because it is actually located in Salt Lake City. That tells you just how close Taylorsville is to the capital city of Utah. This establishment is also located on West 4500 South, and I do believe its name gives it away when it comes to what the place is known for.

Last on the list of top restaurants in Taylorsville is a place called Iceberg Drive-In. Now this place seems like a good example of an establishment that is really unique. However, a reviewer mentions that the restaurant has had a name change that isn’t updated yet on a top travel site. The name of the new restaurant is supposed to be Shakemakers, and the menu is different.

Alright folks, I hope you enjoy those restaurants in Taylorsville. There are some great eats awaiting you for sure. That’s all the Taylorsville UT Restaurants we are going to visit, but we still have other restaurants in Utah to stop by in future articles.